Welcome to Ms. Bug's Design

Welcome to Ms. Bug's Design!

My name is Jennifer Hoehle, I have been married 18 years to my husband, Steve. He is the one who takes all my big construction and wood working ideas and brings them to life. During these 18 years together, we have renovated 3 homes (one of them, twice), raised our 3 kids, cared for kids in foster care, and adopted 3 kids. Life has been crazy! I have a sign in our kitchen that reads " Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is suppose to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is" This has been such an important lesson for me because raising 6 kids tends to keep me living outside the box and outside of my plan. FYI: inside the box is beautiful but not nearly as fulfilling as outside of the box.

I started Ms. Bug’s Floral Design back in 2002 but with all the challenges of babies and home renovations, I packed up my dream of owning my own business for a time. My heart has alway been about restoration, whether it be kids in our care or an old house that is in need of some TLC. This stage in our life has allowed me some time to bring my business back and fulfill my dream.

The name Ms. Bug came when my oldest daughter, Katelyn, was a toddler. I found her with a lady bug wing in her mouth; as far as I know, she hasn’t continued snacking on them, but we started calling her Katie Bug, she is 18 now and she is still our Katie Bug.

After all these years of raising kids and fixing homes, I am excited to step back into owning a business and bring to all of you the ideas we have come up with. Steve and I both find so much joy in bringing character to a house. Something that tells a story. With each project we take on we find a way to add something special that makes the space unique! My hope is that the items we sell can do the same for you.

Every family has a story, welcome to ours.