Our Little Life Renovation

Updated: May 24, 2019

Hi this is me, Jennifer and the bravest man I have ever met, my husband Steve... we just repurchased a home 8 years after we sold it. To start over raising kids after ours were mostly grown...

Okay let me back up, a few years ago we looked like this. Our 3 biological kids and a cute little hobby farm. We were raising amazing kids and had just begun what would be an exhausting and adventurous 5 years of foster care.

We found our fourth and were going to do this....

But very suddenly ended up doing this!

That one in the front really is happy, he just very much dislikes posing for pictures, we have come to realize that with these 6 kids its pretty impossible to get a good picture!

So we found ourselves this last year blessed beyond measure with not one but three more kids and in need of a house that fit our quickly expanding family. So after much prayer and a quick scan of the market we found the perfect fit and moved home.

Not only are we working hard to remodel and restore this old farmhouse but we have a real life renovation happening with our expanded family.

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