If These Walls Could Speak

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

We had a ridiculous detour in our small town that lasted the entire summer. Every day I drove miles out of my way to get to town. One day as I was driving, I noticed a for sale sign on a little white farmhouse. The grass was not mowed, and the paint was chipping off. It looked to be in need of repair. I talked to my husband that night and on a whim, we decided to contact the realtor to check it out. My husband and I are the parents of six kids. Three of whom we adopted a few years ago. At about the same time, we moved our family of eight to a home that was a better fit. That first fall in the new house, my husband injured his back. It took 2 years, surgery, and many medical procedures before he was able to get around without pain. Buying a second house was not an option financially but there was this nudge to go look.

So completely out of character, my husband and I contacted the realtor.

When we made our way through the many doors it took to get to the main living space of the house, my mind was flooded with ideas, a bathroom here, a laundry room there. It was so exciting to plan it all out in my head. Visualizing what this little farmhouse had been and could be.

We wandered through the kitchen into the dining room and then my friends, that was when we fell in love. This house was begging for love, we had no financial ability but all the love to give. We could see through the florals and animal decor, beyond the dated paneling and sloped floors. Past the blue carpet with duct tape trim and wallpaper mural. We saw good bones... we saw a house with a story.

That night we went home with a tiny dream and no way to bring it to life, so we prayed on it and left it in God's hands. A willing investor, overwhelmed county worker, a stranger with an extremely low offer, and an awesome realtor later or as we see it God's hand... we had a little farmhouse and a lot of work!

We diligently went to work, the first step: unloading the house. This house was full to the brim with someone's possessions, their life's work and abundance tucked away in all this farmhouse's nooks.