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You have found the vegetable soup blog. You know the one, its foundation is a good broth and then you just throw in all the veggies you have left in the fridge. Lets see if we are able to pull all the topics I have in mind together and produce something just as comforting. It is the season of cabin fever. We are blessed with lots of snow up here. I am ready for the next season. I want to see our farm animals out exploring and lots of puddles for our goose to enjoy. In all my haste to move on from winter, I hear a whisper reminding me to slow down because this season of cabin fever has its purpose too.

This winter has been our hardest by far, my husband and I have both suffered medical issues. After moving here two years ago we still don't feel settled. Life feels so unorganized... We are also adjusting after doubling our family size. Time is showing itself to be the key whether medical issues, adoption, or moving into a new space. Time heals and brings perspective.


Reflecting on where we are and what we are facing I am assured of one thing... There is a purpose in it all. Just as there is a purpose in this season. Looking back I see we have faced many trials, and hardships but came through them all stronger and with greater assurance of what we believe. As a foster parent I know the importance of building resilience in kids. I am realizing I am not a fan of it being built in me! So this season of cabin fever, a time of reflecting and cleaning house. Whether old thought patterns, or cluttered closets. It is a season of preparation. My hope in this season is that I am doing just as much heart work as I am house work. Clearing out the clutter so I can be healed and available for what the next season brings.

Cabin Fever-

House preparations have begun. I am determined to make this house our home, one that works for our family and fits us well. I have decided it is time to part with many pieces of furniture that worked well in our last home but do not fit well here. We sold the set of bunk beds we had and purchased twin beds that fit so much better in our upstairs bedrooms with little height to their ceilings.

Book Slings By: Life Made Chic - Etsy

Our youngest daughters room was one of the projects I was able to dive into. We are putting two twin beds in her room. Our youngest is 4 and in need of the book "No More Monkeys Jumping On The Beds"

Our home is over 100 years old

I feel like we were able to stay true to our old farmhouse in the furniture we chose for her room. Someday shiplap walls would be a fun addition!

Home Decor-

This business has offered me opportunity to play with all sorts of looks in my home. That may just be my favorite part. I absolutely love this old trash basket as a plant holder. I found the throw pillow at a thrift shop, the chair and table also. I feel like this setting has the perfect balance of texture, soft cozy feels and lively greens. Those are the three points I try to hit in all my photos. It feels like home to me, and hopefully to you.

Under The Stairs

Our first project after moving in was to remodel the kitchen. We needed a kitchen big enough to fit our family so we decided to use up a little space from under the stairs to put the refrigerator in a wall. This in turn took up space in our living room so to utilize what was left we decided to put in a desk. I am so happy we did this, it has made an awkward space look as though it has a purpose. We have yet to finish it off... but its on the list!

We have great hope as spring approaches of new life and fresh air. Big puddles and muddy boots. The joys and challenges of spring are almost here but before the thaw commences I hope we all can embrace the season of preparation we are in. I am choosing to embrace the challenges and hardships, the building of resiliency in myself with great hope of a refreshing new season and the lessons it will bring.


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