Farmhouse Laundry Room

Sometimes, well lets go with most of the time in our house, room remodels are not planned out. They are last minute and always under financed. We are frequently catapulted into them by an event such as a lift station malfunction in our plumbing. Such was the case for this laundry room. I have been dreaming for months of finishing it off. The laundry room was always my least favorite place in this house but the room with the most potential. Last year I did a fun little tour of my most hated space...

Sheetrock and tile go a long way to improve a space quickly! I had a few boxes of left over tile from our kitchen and it was just enough! I love subway tile and decided for our laundry room to go with a dark grout instead of the lighter one I used in the kitchen. I will be honest with you this had far more to do with my lack of love for scrubbing dirty grout lines than a design plan. That said, I really do love the contrast of the grout and tile for our laundry room.

These tiles come in 12 x 12 squares and are so easy to put up. It always looks so impressive when it is done. My son thought I slaved over spacing each square, and was almost disappointed when he saw that I was using sheets of tile!

I love to finish off tile with these caps. They make a beautiful ridge and really give a refined look to the wall. They are kind of a pain to grout, but worth the extra work.

The wall color I used is "streamline silver" by Color Place. You can find them at Walmart. Those of you who follow along on Instagram have seen this ironing board before. It was found in a basement of an old house. It had some water damage on one end and a cover that could turn a stomach. But under all the mess was a beautifully crafted board. We removed the legs and sanded down the top. I ordered a vinyl "Laundry" wall sticker for it. Then we just had to wait for a wall to hang it on.

Can we just talk for a minute about this shelving? I have to say, I am so impressed with this company. This is our second room we have added Closet Maid shelving. The quality of their product is spectacular. They are a little more expensive than other brands but worth saving your pennies for. I have no concerns about faulty materials. I will be shocked to find any warping, I feel like the finish on these wood shelves will hold up well. Closet Maid really has made a great product. We still have a sink going in and some trim for the walls but this farmhouse laundry room is one I no longer dread. I love this space. It is a refreshing sight in our basement, one that I don't mind spending time in any longer.

Recently we built one of our modern stands for a cute Hobby Lobby laundry basket. I think it turned out beautiful. It gave a little more character and height to the basket.

We have a few more projects on our list for spring and plenty of ideas cooking in our heads. Thank you so much for following along with us! - Jennifer

We have some fun pieces that have been marked down and are available on our website!

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