Ending Summer Kicking & Screaming

Every day I am noticing signs all around me that the seasons are about to change. I have the urge to close my eyes and ignore the obvious, but that will only last a moment because what the world around me is proclaiming seems quiet in comparison to the excitement exclaimed in my children. They are young and live in the moment, their minds don't see the long winter ahead or the frigid temperature that will restrict their adventurous nature. They see cooler temps, bonfires, camping, colorful leaves all piled up. There was a time I was right there with them but the last two winters have taken their toll on me. As enticing as fall can be winter can not fool me again! I know you are coming and I am not excited!

So here we are ignoring the obvious for a moment to talk fall decor. I will tell you I have been a little surprised at the trends making their way back into the fall 2019 home decor.

Lets talk about one many of you probably remember all too well....

Hunter green!

Here is Ikea's throw pillow cover, I have to say paired with the mustard I kind of like it!

(I really never thought I would say that about hunter green... post 1990's)

If you take a little stroll through Pinterest you will find it on furniture, cabinets, couches and even walls! I have a feeling hunter green is back for awhile!

Another trend that seems to be continuing through the seasons is natural textures, weaved baskets, raw wood and reclaimed wood. Adding warmth to any room.