Baby Shower Decor (Woodland Animal Theme)

Recently I had the opportunity to put together a baby shower for a close friend. She wanted to go with the woodland animal theme for her nursery. Instead of buying the prepackaged sets out there I wanted to have a little fun with it.


We burn wood in the winter months so I had a great selection of logs to choose from. I purchased the letters to spell out BOY at Hobby Lobby, fixed them with hot glue and added moss, acorns and pine cones to finish the look. You could do the word BABY also.

My husband put together the cupcake stands for me with various sized logs and thin pieces cut from a large log.

I picked up a navy blue table cloth, it was a beautiful back drop for all of the colorful food.

We had a wonderful array of appetizers and snacks. I absolutely loved this veggie tray a friend of mine put together. She used purple cabbage as a dip bowl. So creative!

Veggie Tray

As a gift for my friend I made a diaper cake. I rolled quite a few diapers together binding them with twine as I went. I made a 3 layer cake each layer wrapped in a cute baby blanket and decorated it with toys, bibs, washcloths and baby shoes.

Diaper Cake

This shower was a fun opportunity to get creative and think outside the box a little bit.

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